Friday, 5 December 2014

Personal Tuesday

I am late this week with posting my Personal Tuesday. Again. Now it's more a Personal Friday than a Personal Tuesday, I know, I know, but the first moving boxes arrived and I started packing. I also sorted out my wardrobe and a lovely lady collected all my unwanted dresses. I don't want to first put clothes into storage and then pay to send them to Istanbul, even though I don't wear them anymore. I am starting with my books, clothes, magazines and everything else that I don't need right at the beginning. I am then going through the rest over the next two weeks.

I am also still sleeping a lot and I am eating rubbish. I know it's a vicious cycle, but the sugar keeps me going through the day. Well, at least for a few hours before I need my new sugar load. I am not too worried, I am moving soon and in Istanbul I'll have more time. I can finally go back to the gym, during the day and not have to drag myself there in the evening as I would have to at the moment. I also found out that Personal Training is very affordable, even at the gym, I would like to go to and it is one of the more expensive ones. One full hour costs between 90-120 Turkish lira depending on the package I choose. The more hours I buy the cheaper it is. Even if I booked Personal Training by the hour it only costs £35. I paid £50 for a single session at my old gym. The idea is to start with 30 minute sessions at the beginning, I find one hour too long and then all I do is complaining about it. Should I get fitter and a bit stronger I can eventually increase to one hour sessions, at least that's the idea.

I am flying to Istanbul tomorrow morning for one night to see where exactly I will live and if I like the area. I was told that Tarabya is a very beautiful and quiet area of Istanbul. It's not directly in the middle of Istanbul, but alongside the Bosphorus with lots of green areas. The German Embassy actually has their summer residence there. Should things work out, I will move in two weeks. 

Some people have asked me if I am sad to leave my friends behind. Honestly? Not really. Okay, maybe a little bit, but it's not the first time that I am leaving everything behind and it's not the first time I was 'left behind'. Moving to other countries and cities is pretty common amongst my friends and I am used to not having them round all the time. Those close to me will visit me and I will visit them, after all it's Istanbul, not the end of the world. I will also be in London a few times, so it's not like I am gone completely.

I have thought some more about what happened to this blog. Of course I don't want to start something completely new, after all, my blog is a 'long-term project' and I will be back in London after a while. Might it be one year, two years or five years. Who knows?  I have such a loyal following and I don't want to start from scratch, I also don't want to spam you with everything I do on a daily basis with things that might not be relevant to you. I therefore have started German Girl in Istanbul with everything I discover in Istanbul, restaurants, sightseeing and my progress with the Turkish language. German Girl in London will still cover my personal topics, my endless journey to become fit and healthy and everything else that I would write about here regardless of location. However, I won't start new social media accounts, so everything that I blog on both blogs will still be shared on my existing Twitter, Instagram and whatever else I use.

So, I am off to continue packing and preparing myself for the weekend. There is a small suitcase to pack and I need to get through the things I would usually do at the weekend, but can't do as I am away. Have a lovely weekend everybody!

Thursday, 4 December 2014

OXO Tot Sit Right Seat

OXO recently launched a toilet trainer seat that boasts universal use, side handles and non-slip edges and also looks great. I was curious to try it, well, I can't use it myself, but George did and he really liked it. 

First, let's start with the design. The seat is white, with green non-slip edges. It is very minimalist, a great product for all home design conscious parents who don't want to see their child's toilet seat first thing they enter the bathroom. The seat fits on any size toilet seat and is very stable and secure. The Sit Right Toilet Trainer seat has also a flat base, allowing it to stand up for convenient storage.

George sits very comfortable and secure on the seat, he also likes holding on to the handles. He can place the toilet trainer seat onto the toilet seat by himself, which is great as he usually goes to the toilet by himself. The shield prevents splatter and it is very easy to clean, a plus point to keep everything hygienic.

The OXO Tot Sit Right Seat costs £15, great value for money and I am sure owning one makes toilet training a lot more pleasant. To find out more about the seat, click here.

Monday, 1 December 2014

Bloggers Christmas Party at 21 Covent Garden

Six weeks ago I wanted to attend a Christmas Party for Bloggers in London, but there wasn't one - or at least I was unable to find one. Always wanting to host my own event one day, I thought why should I not have my own Christmas Party and invite fellow bloggers? I looked for a date, either the 29th of November or the 6th of December. Quickly, I decided myself for the 29th of November and found a venue. I posted it on Twitter, my blog as well as a few sites for bloggers and just a few hours later the first people had shown interest in the event. Over the next weeks I got in touch with companies and PR's, and more bloggers signed up. I was sent lovely products for the goody bags and towards the end my bedroom was full of boxes. On Friday night, the night before the event, I started filling the goody bags with the products and I couldn't wait for it to be Saturday. I only managed to sleep three hours, I was so excited and nervous. Will everybody like the event? Will they feel like they wasted their time? At 5am my alarm rang and it was time to get up, shower and finish preparing everything.

Ready to go!
I arrived early at 21, the chosen venue, in Covent Garden, ready to set up everything and met Jennie, who works for the agency Search Laboratory. I worked with her in the past and she is such a wonderful person, it was so nice to meet her finally in person. She helped me setting everything up and soon Jake and Joe from FrameAgain arrived. I will tell you more about FrameAgain later.

Pink chocolate shoes - too pretty to be eaten. Thank you Bonprix!

The first bloggers to arrive were Natalie and Sarah, both had helped me a lot with PR contacts and spreading the word about the event. It was lovely to meet them  Shortly after all the other bloggers arrived and people started introducing themselves and talking about blogging, fashion and beauty products. It was so nice to finally meet the people in person I was in touch with over the last few days, weeks or even months and I was especially happy to meet Charlotte. She always leaves lovely comments on my posts and I looked forward to see her at the event. When I met her it felt like I had known her for ages. We actually had dinner together with Lix at Shack Shack after the event.











We also had the lovely guys from Frame Again join us. Jake and Joe launched the company in late 2013, giving everybody the opportunity to print their favourite (Instagram) picture and put it on display in a customised frame. Some of you might know, how hard I found it to find great quality and yet stylish squared picture frames for my favourite Las Vegas Instagram shots earlier this year. With Frame Again, this won't happen again. It doesn't matter if you want to print one picture or ten, you can design your own frame and have it delivered to you in 48 hours. Please check out their website and spread the word. Christmas is less than four weeks away and I am sure one of your friends is still looking for a great present that won't break the bank. It would be lovely if you could all upload a picture of your frame on Twitter, mention @FrameAgain and the #bloggersxmaspartylondon. I love to see all of them! 

Thanks to Jennie for bringing the Quiz Cupcakes and the chocolate heels from Bonprix UK. Bonprix is a great brand, it is German too and they offer great quality clothes and accessories at bon prix. Sally Meier came along, she is the owner of Comms8, a marketing, PR and advertising agency and her clients are in the luxury and travel sector. Thanks also to Louise Wood from John Lewis and her friend Kay Galbraith for attending the event. What amazing ladies they are!

Thanks to all the companies that send us some products for the goody bags.

Andrew Barton
Charnos Hosiery
Dream Dots for Spots
Quiz Clothing
Smiggle UK
White Glo

Last, but not least, a special thank you to Amy, PR of 21 Covent Garden who provided us with the great venue today. I am looking forward to hosting another event soon - maybe a summer party, what do you think?

Friday, 28 November 2014

Half Pint Chic - A great designer outlet for children

A while ago I was sent two gorgeous Pyjamas for George and Maxi from the lovely people behind Half Pint Chic. Half Pint Chic was started in 2011, offering high quality and stylish clothing for children at fantastic prices. The online store works directly with the designers and chooses those carefully. Only designers that are known for their quality will be sold and although the store doesn't offer current season collections, they are offering up to 70% off the RRP. Some of their favourite brands include Caramel Baby and Child, Simonetta, Bonnie Baby, Marie Chantal, Baby Graziella and Darcy Brown. Half Pint Chic prides themselves on offering exceptional customer service and I can only second that.

Every order is delivered in a beautiful packaging, each item of clothing is thoughtfully wrapped in tissue paper and then put into a box, sophisticated and a great change from the usual plastic bags you usually get delivered. It really puts a nice touch on the experience and shows that great customer service can come at great prices too. There is still enough time to order those last Christmas Presents.

Check out their website now.