Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Personal Tuesday

So I haven't been very active lately, I just found it very hard to sit down in front of the computer, blog, reply to tweets and emails, I am so behind with replying to emails and blogging assignments.

Last Saturday I had a great time with iDBUS and the BB Bakery. We had an unusual Afternoon Tea on a red double decker bus. It was so much fun and I met the most wonderful people. I also made a very big decision last week and I will leave London for a little bit to move Istanbul. I don't know if it's for six months, a year or if I stay for long term yet. It depends how I get on in Turkey and how I feel there. Compared to London I will have a lot more time to myself in Istanbul, the school is everyday from 8:30 until 3:30 so during that time I can go to the gym, learn Turkish, have lunch in peace or explore the Paris of the East. I wouldn't have an excuse not to go to the gym over there and eating healthy is a lot easier in Istanbul than in London. Fresh vegetables and fruit everywhere and my dislike for Turkish Delight should make losing weight easy. It is also cheap to hire a Personal Trainer in Istanbul. Eating out doesn't cost much either, you can get very fresh fish in restaurants along the Bosphorus for only a few pounds. I am looking forward to moving, it will all be decided on the 8th of December, I will travel to Istanbul the weekend before then to see if I like everything, check out the new place to live and once all my questions are answered, I will say yes or no. But honestly, I don't need much convincing.

So what will happen to this blog? Of course I will continue to write this blog, my move is probably only temporary and I will be in London a lot too. Surely I will blog about Istanbul and I will also travel a lot while I am in Istanbul, not just in Turkey but worldwide. Not much changes, I am just located in Istanbul. At least, that's what I am telling myself. At first I was thinking about changing names, but I have built up such a loyal following and many people advised me not to start from scratch again.

I hope you all have a lovely week, I am looking forward to see some of you on Saturday at the Bloggers Christmas Party in London.

Monday, 24 November 2014

An unusual Afternoon tea with iDBUS

On Saturday I was invited to an unusual Afternoon tea with iDBUS and the BB Bakery. iDBUS was created by SNCF and is a long-distance coach service that links major European cities. Travelling by coach is a modern and flexible form of transport and I sometimes prefer travelling by coach to flying or taking the train. The fleet is the first to be 100% equipped for people with reduced mobility. Every coach has WiFi and electrical outlets. A great thing about booking tickets with iDBUS is, that prices do not increase at the last minute. All the prices are fixed and include taxes. The aim is to become the leading European provider of long-distance coach travel and I wish the company all best of luck and can't wait to travel with them myself soon. You can find out more about iDBUS on their website here http://uk.idbus.com/.

Now let me tell you a bit more my Saturday afternoon. At around 2pm I got to the meeting point, the bus stop on Belvedere road just in front of the Shell centre and shortly after more bloggers arrived. I met Han, who blogs at Han Habelle, May who is the face behind Red Velvet London and Alice from the Form 42 blog. Then there was Jess, who writes the Jess on Thames blog and I found out, that she lived around the corner from me in Brussels.

The tour started at 2:30 and we headed off. I was so glad to be at an event with other bloggers. It took us fifteen minutes to take pictures before we actually started eating the lovely cakes. When I am out for lunch or dinner with my non-blogging friends, they cannot understand why I have to take 100 pictures of my food, but then I cannot understand it myself sometimes. So, I felt very comfortable being around others who would just do the same thing. Crossing Waterloo Bridge, we could enjoy the view of Big Ben and the House of Parliament from the upper deck of the bus, just seconds before passing by Westminster Abbey on our way to Buckingham Palace. Unfortunately the Queen wasn't home that day, I am sure she would have loved to join our tour and eat some of the delicious cakes. Maybe next time, Elizabeth?

We talked a lot about blogging, taking photographs and what makes us read blogs. It was great to get the opinion of others about the subject and before I knew it, we passed Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus and not so long after we were in Knightbridge, mesmerized by the amazing Christmas decorations of the shops and of course Harrods exceeded every other shop on Brompton Road. We passed the museums down in South Kensington, the Royal Albert Road and made our way to Kensington High Street. Instead of stopping for a bit of Christmas shopping, we admired the windows of the antique shops on Kensington Church Road and soon we were in Notting Hill. Somewhere between Knightsbridge and Notting Hill, we ran out of Champagne. Instead, we finally had tea and scones with jam and clotted cream. Not contributing to my weight loss, but then nobody could resist them.

The time passed by so quickly and before I could realise it, we were back in Mayfair, making our way back to the London Eye. At the end, we all received goody bags and a travel voucher for a return journey for us and a plus one. This was very lovely and I can't wait to try the services of iDBUS myself. Thanks so much iDBUS and BB Bakery.

I had such a wonderful time thanks to iDBUS and the BB Bakery. Have a look at the BB Bakery website here http://www.bbbakery.co.uk/ .

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Personal Tuesday

I feel so much better. I am not feeling great, but I feel a lot better. I went to Brighton at the weekend and saw my friends, which was great. Even though it was a battle actually going out in the first place. On Friday I decided to go and then I was very positive about going on Saturday until I had to get ready. While getting ready I changed my mind five times, getting ready is one thing, but then to go out and actually meet other people? Right now that's a huge step for me.

Last Wednesday I went to London to attend the 7th Annual Diamond Party hosted by Vashi Dominguez, the man behind Vashi Diamonds. I haven't been the Mahiki for a while and the place changed a lot. It used to be great, but it really has his best times behind it. Afterwards, I had more Mojitos and Yellowtail Sushi at Nobu on Berkeley Street with Vashi's German PR. She comes from the same town in Germany as me and we could talk about living in London, moving and cities we both visited. It was great to spend some time in London without the children, drinking Mojitos and finally have a conversation with another grown-up.

At the weekend I am invited to a lovely blogging event, it's afternoon tea on a double Decker bus touring around London. Tomorrow I am off to the News UK head office again to meet Nicki Waterman and the rest of the team. I really need support at the moment, it wasn't easy the last few months.

It's ten days until the Bloggers Christmas Party in London and I am so excited. The goody bags arrived today and the last products should arrive shortly. I am looking forward to fill the bags, set everything up and meet all the lovely bloggers that signed up to the event. All in all, I am more positive this week. I am trying to eat better, drink more water and I have also started taking Viridian supplements.

Vashi Dominguez's Annual Diamond Party at Mahiki

Last Wednesday I attended the 7th birthday party of Vashi Diamonds. The event was hosted by Vashi Dominguez at Mahiki. Mahiki is known for its amazing cocktails and the venue is located in Dover Street, Mayfair. On the guest list was a great mix of journalists, bloggers and celebrities, but they all had one thing in common: A love for diamonds.

Vashi Dominguez is a Spanish entrepreneur and founder, owner and CEO of Diamond Manufactures, which he started 2007 in London. He is known to regularly style celebrities including Rita Ora who wore Vashi jewels to the 2014 GQ Men of the Year Awards this year. Pixie Lott and Kristina wore his diamonds to the Elton John's annual end of summer party. To thank all his celebrity friends, the online diamond jeweller Vashi Dominguez gave away more than £150,000 worth of diamonds.

Coronation Street actress Michelle Collins, model Nicola McLean, CBB star Casey Batchelor, Made in Chelsea stars Olivia Newman-Young, Georgia Toffolo, Sophie Hermann and BBC Radio 2 presenter Vanessa Feltz attended the event amongst others.

The drink of the night was Mahiki's Coco Mojo, it's like a Mojito but better. I'm sure everybody is looking forward to the next Diamond Party. Have a look at Vashi's website and see how fantastic is collection is.

I’m so happy to see how excited everyone was to select diamond jewellery from my collection, that in itself made it all worthwhile.