Thursday, 2 October 2014

Braun launches new thermometers for children

Last Thursday Max and I attended the launch of the new Braun children's thermometers at the St Martins Lane Hotel in London. Braun is the number one of the trusted brands by doctors and launched its next generation of high precision thermometers here in the UK. Dr. Ranj, the leading paediatrician and TV personality, introduced the new range of thermometers and informed us about treating fever in children. It was great to have unasked questions answered, that I wouldn't ask my GP. Everybody knows everything about fever, right? How wrong I was. I left the venue with lots of new knowledge about fever, most of my old knowledge was 'outdated' and is not recommended anymore today. For example, when I was young and had a fever, my parents would cover me in cold flannels. I actually remember how horrible it was and how much I dreaded it. Luckily I wasn't the only one who thought it would help.

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

September Summary

September is over! Autumn is started, you can buy everything you need for Christmas in the shops already and before we know it, the year will be over and it's time for 2015.

The month started with reviewing the London Ghost Bus Tour and dinner at Inamo. It was a goodbye dinner, my friend Nina left England for good to start her degree in Germany. I also bought myself a Breville Blend Active Personal Blender, that I reviewed and use regularly. It's fantastic.

My trip to Istanbul

I travelled to Istanbul on the 8th of September to join my family in Istanbul. Of course I blogged about it a lot too. I basically fell in love with the city, even though I wasn't particularly feeling well. I took so many pictures and still haven't sorted through all of them. Starting at >>Frankfurt airport<<, I was very eager to finally board the plane, but the flight was delayed by nearly two hours. A storm in Turkey caused delays, my aunt's flight from Zurich was delayed too. It wasn't great to wait two hours at the gates after the security check in without drinks and screaming children. It was hot and I was so glad, when we could finally board to plane. A few days later I could share my >>First Impressions of Istanbul<< with you. On my first day we took the >>ferry from Kadıköy to Eminönü<< - continent hopping at its best. My first major sightseeing attractions were the >>Sultan Ahmed Mosque<< and the >>Hagia Sophie<<. I also took some pictures of the >>Sultanahmet Square and the German Fountain<<. After visiting the two mosques, we walked through >>Gülhane Park<< and visited Taksim Square. What should have been my best day in Istanbul, was actually my worst. I felt depressed and felt like bursting out in tears everywhere. On my second day we made a >>Bosphorus Tour<< and on my third day we took the ferry the from Kadıköy to Beşiktaş. The Beşiktaş is so beautiful and it was my favourite in Istanbul.

Oh, I finally have >>new business cards<<, my >>first giveaway<< and I entered the >>Great Summer Bake of Challenge<<. It would mean a lot and more if you would vote for my >>Slutty Brownie<< recipe. I reviewed the >>Stein's in Kingston<<, had >>dinner and a reunion with an old friend at Gaucho<<and I am getting finally another >>Brazilian Blowdry<< on Friday.

Not to forget my >>autumn H&M wishlist<< and Beth's guest blog on >>Autumn makeup essentials<<.

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Looking forward to October now and getting one year older on the 11th of the month.

My new business cards arrived - what do you think?

On Saturday I ordered new business cards. I designed them myself with Picmonkey. I wanted something really simple, like my blog design. I ordered them online from MOO, they were meant to arrive on the 7th of October, but they came a week earlier. I would appreciate all your comments.

Personal Tuesday

It's already Tuesday and the end of the month again. I can't believe how quickly September was over. October is my birthday month - where has the last year been? It's my last Personal Tuesday in September, that means I have to change the intro picture for October.

I am feeling slightly better, keeping myself busy and last week was really exciting. On Tuesday I went to the Monty Bojangles Truffle Tasting in Reigate, we were a group of five people testing five new Monty Bojangles truffle flavours. I can't tell you too much, but I update you as soon as I know more.  Wednesday was my lazy day. I didn't blog, I wasn't much on Twitter - I was just at home and spend time with Max. George was at his grandmother's house and I tried to get the laundry done, tidy a few things out in my bedroom while the cleaner cleaned the house from top to bottom.  Thursday I attended the launch of the new Braun's children's thermometer and learned a lot about treating fever in Children from Dr. Ranj. I am waiting for the pictures from the press event and as soon as I get them I will publish details of the experience and the review of the new thermometer here.

On Friday the boys and I went to a Classical Babies concert in Teddington. It was great and I will tell you more about it soon. The absolute highlight of my Friday, if not of my whole week was meeting my friend Heng and her husband after nearly two years again. We had dinner at >>Gaucho<< and too many Japanese cocktails at Nobu Berkeley Street after. It was a great night and I wasn't home until 3am in the morning. I haven't been out that long since Las Vegas. It felt great even though I was a bit hungover and tired on Saturday. Saturday evening I reviewed the Stein's in Kingston and on Sunday I tried to catch up and relax.

Yesterday I went to the Aribella Boutique launch by Imogen Thomas. It was such a pleasure to meet her, she is so down to earth and her new collection is amazing. Again, as soon as I receive pictures of the event, I will publish the blog post about the event and share my collection favourites.

So today, it's Tuesday, I am feeling great, well sort of. I am still feeling incredibly conscious, attending all those lovely events with gorgeous looking people really makes me feel worse about me, my weight and my sense of fashion. I know it's silly, but I want to work on that from now on. For this week I have planned to cut out the sugar again, don't eat processed food and drink lots and lots of water.

Also, please please please would for my Slutty Brownies recipe >>here<< - all you have to do is to share my recipe either on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest through the Ladbrokes website. It would mean the world to me, I love this recipe and so do all my friends, family and neighbours. Only our scales can't be convinced, those meanies.

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Monday, 29 September 2014

Another Brazilian Blowdry

Roughly 2 1/2 years ago I had my first Brazilian Blowdry. I actually blogged about it in April 2011: My first Brazilian Blowdry and how I felt three days after the treatment. I was really happy then and was planning to get the treatment again, but for unknown reasons I didn't. I always said next month, when I have time as well as other excuses and now over two years have passed. I am so unhappy with my frizzy and unruly hair, it takes me forever to dry and straighten in only to get curly again with the slightest hint of humidity in the air. So annoying. I don't have time in the mornings to spend hours getting my hair done, George is going to nursery three days a week and I want to look somehow presentable in front of the other people waiting outside. I don't care about not putting make up on but my hair should look groomed. I always look so scruffy.

At the end of August I contacted Janna again, but she was on holiday and during September I had other worries. Today I attended the launch of the Aribella Boutique by Imogen Thomas and my hair looked perfect when I left the house - only to be frizzy once I got to the event and when I left and it was raining on my way to South Kensington. You can guess how my hair looked once I got to Harrods? No? It was curly, not nice curls that bounce and look healthy. No! Frizzy curls and there is nothing worse in the world than that.

So in pure desperation I phoned Janna three times in two minutes today, sent her a text message to get in touch and wouldn't leave my phone out of sight. Luckily she phoned me back shortly after and she is available on Friday at 2pm. I am so happy, I am so happy - I can't even describe it. I am currently feeling very conscious about my looks and getting my hair straight is one step to me feeling better.

Janna is a mobile, professional hairdresser with over seven years experience in London at a St. John Wood top salon and she has lots of happy clients with references to prove it. She has a NVQ Level 3 qualification and specialises in Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightening, micro-ring extensions and Balmain Hair Extensions. Janna covers all London postcodes and surrounding areas including Croydon, Surrey, Kent, Chelmsford, Brighton, Cambridge, Milton Keynes, Oxford, Birmingham, Luton, Reading, Leicester and Essex. Even if you don't live in one of those areas you shouldn't hesitate to contact her for a quote. Her rates are very reasonable, I pay £120 for over shoulder length thick hair. She had to use twice as much treatment as usual last time she did my hair and since then my hair has grown. It also took her four hours from the beginning to finish. I would spend a fortune in a salon and I hate sitting there for hours too.

I will take before and after pictures on Friday and share them here. Have you ever had a Brazilian Blowdry? What did you think of it and would you get the treatment again? 

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