Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Weightloss Wednesday

My previous attempts to lose weight this year have failed, as well as every attempt the previous year and the year before that. I don't have much willpower and it is much easier to eat a package of biscuits for dinner than to cook a healthy meal. I don't actually eat a whole package of biscuits for dinner, but being insulin resistant I know what works for me and what now. A diet high in carbs and sugar makes me put on weight, while a diet high in protein and fat makes me lose weight. You say that doesn't make sense? Maybe because you think low-fat is healthy and a diet high in fat can't possibly make you thin. That's fine and I gave up explaining people my theory of the matter. After all, who is listening to nutritional advise from somebody who is four stone overweight. I never ate much and I am not lazy and yet I carry a little bit more around the middle than I should. In January this year I made the decision to lose weight, I followed the Paleo diet for three months and I lost 24lbs. Below is a picture of me in the beginning of April just before I had my exams and thanks to a lot of stress I went back to my unhealthy eating habits.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Personal Tuesday

My week has been busy and I feel much better. I am planning Christmas in Germany, even though I don't like Christmas. When I was a child, I loved Christmas. Now, many years past my milk teeth covered in Christmas candy, I am less fond of Christmas. In fact, I don't like celebrating Christmas at all. I don't know why, but I guess it's because I dislike winter in general. The cold, the snow and the short days. Yes, I associate Christmas with winter and snow, cold fingers and frozen toes. The boys, especially George, will be in Christmas mood though, and I will probably end up baking lots and lots of German Christmas biscuits and sharing them with all our friends.

But for various reasons, I have decided not to book a holiday somewhere sunny and hot, but spend two weeks in Germany to catch up with friends. So, here we go: I dislike Germany and I dislike Christmas. The two together? Oh no. Anyway, I am currently trying to see at which hotels I like to stay and when exactly I will be where.

On the other hand, though I am planning a Christmas Party for Bloggers in London on the 29th of November. So maybe I don't hate Christmas that much after all? Planning this Meetup keeps me busy and I am looking forward to meet many other Bloggers.

Tomorrow I am heading off to the Tower Bridge Studios for a photo shooting. It is a 'before' shooting for a ten week diet and exercise feature in a big national newspaper. I am super excited. There is a team that does my hair, my makeup and dresses me and I can't wait. I will tell you all about it tomorrow.

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Soupe du Jours in Soho - Finally great soups in London!

My friend Linda and I met for Lunch today. Our destination of choice was Soupe du Jour in Soho. I am a soup lover, but finding a good soup in London is hard. Of course I was pleased to hear from Julia, one of the founders of Soupe du Jour, and couldn't decline her invitation to try the soups myself.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Blogger's Christmas Party in London on the 29th of November

Would you like to attend a Bloggers Christmas Party in Central London on the 29th of November from 12:20 pm until 3:30pm?

The Meetup kicks off with a three course followed by drinks and the opportunity to network with fellow bloggers.

The event is free, but everybody will pay for his own food and drinks. The three course menu costs £22.95. You can have a look at the menu here. However, if you don't want to eat a full three course menu or only want to come for drinks, that is fine too. There will be some goody bags and afterwards we could walk around Covent Garden and do some Christmas shopping.

Please register your interest below by purchasing a ‘ticket’ and I will get in touch. I need to confirm the table booking by the 24th of October and require a non-refundable deposit of £5 until then. I have to pay the deposit by the time of booking as stated in the terms and conditions. This goes towards the cost of the food, everything else is directly payable on the day.

This post will be constantly updated with more information and updates will be shared on Twitter. Just follow the #bloggersxmaspartylondon hashtag.

Eventbrite - Blogger's Christmas Party