Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Sophie Ellis-Bextor for Phase Eight

Ever since 'Murder on the Dance Floor' was in the German charts in 2001 I have been a Sophie Ellis Bextor fan. In 2012 and without my knowledge I was actually inside her house in West London, meeting her children and talking about Power Rangers with them. I also always admired the collection of Phase Eight, but as I always tried to lose weight I couldn't justify the price tag. When I heard that Sophie-Ellis Bextor is the new face of Phase Eight, I got very excited and couldn't wait to tell you all about it. Luckily I can spread the word now as the collection was officially launched today.

Sophie will front the Phase Eight campaign for spring summer 2015. The successful singer and songwriter has worked with the brand to create a beautiful and stylish campaign that 'epitomises the feminitiy and elegance of the premium womenswear brand'.

The collection consists of 22 pieces, twelve dresses in pretty lace, floral prints and a colour palette from blush pinks to vibrant reds, purples and greens. Styles range from the fifties inspired, Ninette fit-and-flare dress (above) with eye-catching paint stroke floras to the fitted Elodine dress (below) with its modern rose placement pink that will work just as great in the office as it does for a fancy night out.

Each look is completed with beautiful jewellery, heels and clutchbags. Sophie comments: ‘This collection provides perfect outfit solutions for summer weddings and garden parties where you always want to feel special and unique. I love how the collection exudes feminine and stylish dressing’.

Judith Bremmer, Director of Phase Eight, says ‘Sophie is the ultimate Phase Eight woman – she is successful, confident, loves fashion and interprets it to work for her own personal style. She relates well to our customers who aspire to wear dresses that are elegant, flattering and versatile and our full collection offers beautiful and contemporary designs with unique prints and feminine shapes that meet their full wardrobe requirements’.

Phase Eight celebrates a hugely succesful time with the launch of the new collection. The brand has grown worldwide, the number of stores and concessions has risen to over 400 across the globe. Lee Harlow, Managing Director says ‘Having Sophie as a brand ambassador demonstrates how far the Phase Eight success story has come. We have become a prominent and favourite go-to brand, not only on the great British High Street but worldwide. We are so proud of our unique collections that offer women the opportunity to look and feel amazing and it’s great to have Sophie working with us to showcase the very best of what we do and offer’.

My personal favourite dress of the collection is the Chantay Rose Dress as seen above. I always had a bias for dresses with kimono sleeves and floral prints, so combining both is a win win.

Let me know what you think about the collection. You can see the entire collection here.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Personal Tuesday

On Thursday I had a Skype interview for a position in Abu Dhabi, twenty minutes later my flights were booked and one Saturday morning I made my way to the airport in Frankfurt to catch the 10:55am flight to Abu Dhabi with Etihad. I love flying, the longer the better and Etihad is such an amazing airline. It doesn’t compare to my favourite airlines, Virgin Atlantic, though. On Monday afternoon I returned from Abu Dhabi, I only spent 36 hours in the Emirates and I hope I can return soon. It’s beautiful. The weather, everything is clean and the architectur is all about attention to detail. At the end of the week, I know if I will move to Abu Dhabi or not. I don’t put too much hope into it, I compete with better qualified candidates with English as their mother tongue. The interview went well though and it certainly is a position I can see myself in. Unfortunately due to confidentiality I can’t talk more about this position on my blog or social networks openly.

I have been in Germany for nearly a month now and I really can’t cope any longer. I am in limbo at the moment, I don’t know where I will be next and I absolutely hate this. I have previously blogged about this, but a week in and things are even worse. I want to join the gym, but I can’t. They all require a minimum six months commitment. I don’t have health insurance at the moment and I can’t get it as I am not ‘registered’ in Germany anymore. I would be tax reliable and it’s a bit too risky for me to take that risk. Some would say my health is more important, don't worry I am insured over my UK bank account for a little bit but it runs out soon and then I have to reconsider my options. I might have to go private for a little bit. Before anybody says I am not paying my tax. I am but in the UK and Germany wouldn’t care too much about it, I would be double taxed.

I haven't been as active in the blogging world as I used to be and I can tell every blogger that consistency is clearly the key to being successful. I just couldn't get up and do things. I didn't reply to emails, I found it hard to stick to my Personal Tuesdays and I just didn't have the motivation to sit down and write. Luckily I have a few projects now and I know that keeping busy is good. Even though I am umemployed at the moment, I will see my blog as my job and sit down daily for a few hours. Let's see what happens - my year can only get better.

Friday, 23 January 2015

Personal Tuesday - Not on a Tuesday

On Saturday, the 20th of December 2014, I 'moved' to Istanbul. On Friday, the 2nd of January 2015, I left Istanbul after only thirteen days. Things didn't work out in Istanbul and as it is very hard to find get a residence permit without an employment contract I am back in Cologne, staying in one of my family's flats while I am trying to figure out what comes next.

While I am in 'limbo' at the moment not knowing what comes next, unable to settle for a little bit in Cologne and not being able to start 2015 the way I wanted it to start, I am a lot happier. It really feels like the weight has come off my shoulders and I am not missing London at all at the moment. I was lonely, bored and stuck in the house most of the time with two little ones. It was hard and everyday I felt worse. One morning I woke up and I knew I had to leave London and see another part of the world for a while. I guess I am just one of those persons that needs to move around, see lots of different places, meeting new people and making lots of different experiences before finally settling down. Maybe I will never settle down, maybe I am the one constantly moving around.

I am heading off to Abu Dhabi in the morning, my flight is at 10:55am from Frankfurt and I fly with Etihad. I have an exciting job opportunity over there and I am able to tell you more about it next week when I am back on Monday. Yes, I only fly for two nights.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and thanks for reading this. I know I have been quiet for a while, but I just wasn't up to sitting down and blogging. I have lots of started 'projects' but can't bring myself to finish them right now. I hope I feel more up to blogging soon again, this is a start.