Sunday, 7 April 2013

Lana Bambini - the world's loveliest natural clothing

Lana Bambini is this amazing little online shop. It is a family run business and you can really see their dedication to everything they do. All their clothes are made from natural - and mostly organic - fibres. 

I find it very hard to find fashionable clothes for children that are made from organic, preferably pure wool or merino, fibres. Especially for children, who are older than 12 months. Lana Bambini ticks all the right boxes for me. 

                                                                    Source: via Nadine-Johanna on Pinterest

The following text is from the About Us page from Lana Bambini: 

'We believe cheap throwaway fashion is having an appalling effect on the environment and human welfare, not to mention our wallets. We promote ethical and careful spending on high quality environmentally responsible textiles. Spend a little more but buy a lot less is our mantra. We believe in acting with social responsibility. We take pride in our fair trade values which support an international trade system based on fairness and integrity.
Environmental responsibility. We seek to minimise the environmental impact of all business operations, throughout the supply chain. We offer products which are safe and natural. We believe that children have the right to clothing and bedding which is free from harmful substances. We want to offer the best customer service we possibly can and make our customers really happy!'

George wears merino trousers and a merino jumper in this picture. 

Don't forget to check out their website Lana Bambini  and make your own opinion.


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