Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Household chores - It's a never ending story

After an amazing day in Central London yesterday, I decided to stay at home today and do useful things e.g getting the house sorted and do some laundry. My plan to get all the laundry done today was ruined when I opened the washing machine door and it smelled horrible. I forget to do an empty cycle run by 90 degrees with a cleaning detergent all the time. According to Which Magazine you are supposed to do it once a month. That means of course that I will have to wash the laundry tomorrow. I then started cleaning the garage. Sadly spiderwebs, dust and plenty of leafs don't contribute to the image of a neat and clean garage. George will go to the Opera with his grandmother and great-aunt to see Babar the Elephant tomorrow, which gives me plenty of time to sort the house out and maybe even get time to revise for my exams in two weeks. I took everything off the floor in the hallway and cleaned the wooden floor. It is probably the first time that it was properly cleaned since we got the floor nearly a year ago. Of course George thought it was utterly hilarious the spill his milk all over the cleaned floor. On toddler purpose of course. I could write a lot more about what I call toddler purpose but I leave that for another post. 

Surely I am not the only one who hates household chores? We have a cleaner who comes once a week for five hours but that's not a lot for a large five bedroom house. Five hours aren't enough to go into too much details cleaning wise. There is the fridge that needs to get cleaned regularly, the skirting boards and door frames that need dusting and of course old sticky food bits stuck to the breakfast table and chairs. Of course there are many more things that needs to be done but those three things were things that I got done today while George was grumpy and ignored me by playing on his own in the drawing room with the new Duple Zoo he got for his birthday and his much loved train track. 

Tomorrow is another day and I am sure the list with household chores never ends...

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